So K-Ham tied the knot with Paul last month, and I have been just so, so happy and excited for this day!  I’ve known Kristina for about 4 years now, and I’ve seen her grow in SO many ways.  She has always been super encouraging towards me and is full of so much wisdom.  I don’t think there is ever a time where I don’t laugh hysterically around this girl.  I was honored to be part of their wedding day and got to meet all of their family and friends.  Kristina and Paul got married in Anacortes, WA at Greenfield Farm and Gardens.  There was so much grass and space!  The morning started off just a tiny bit drizzly, but the clouds made it great for photos.  It wasn’t until around the ceremony where the sun finally came out, and it was BLAZING.  They had an early ceremony time, so it was  pretty hot throughout the day, but the reception was held indoors inside of the barn.  So many wonderful toasts were made, and the dancing was just hilarious.  I had a blast seeing everyone I hadn’t in awhile and running around all day!  Congratulations, Ziegs!

Venue:  Greenfield Farm and Gardens – Anacortes, WA

  • Amanda - LOVE! what a beautiful day this was!

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This is little Miss Cora.  She is 4.5 and full of personality.  When I first met her last summer, I definitely didn’t know what I’d be in store for.  She makes me laugh all the time and always has something so interesting to say.  Cora’s in the “little adult” stage, so conversations with her always memorable.  Right now, she’s obsessed with Frozen, like the rest of the world–we watch the video at least 4 times every time  I see her.  She picked her outfit on her own for our shoot, and we went around the neighborhood to take these photos on a chilly, drizlly and windy afternoon.  Her is extra wavy because she took it down from a ponytail and didn’t want to brush it, so it could stay wavy.  :)  And she loooooves all the blossoms, so I took her photo in front of some trees.  Cora is pretty much a little mini-me of her mom, and it’s too precious.  Always excited and is a joy to see her every week–love this small lady full of energy and is growing up so quickly!


  • Ali - Aww, this is so sweet. I love it!!!

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