Alrighty, so Caitlin and Philip got married on a Friday evening.  I always forget how much I actually love weekday weddings–something so special about celebrating a couple right after work.  :)  Early in the morning, I met up with the two and their friends who were helping them pick up flowers from the market and grab some coffee and breakfast.  Philip stopped by Mee Sum Pastry to get a pork bun…I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this place!  Best Asian pastries at the market.  Then we walked down to Le Panier for some coffee and treats.  We took a few photos in Post Alley as we walked around–it was such a chill morning for these two, and I am so glad to have been part of it!  After we picked up the flowers, we headed to our respected areas, and I then met up with everyone back at Philip’s apartment on Capitol Hill.  They both got ready in the same room, and it was so precious.  After that, we were headed back downtown for some photos.  It was a little tricky finding places since it was super sunny everywhere, but we went on top of the Russell Investments roof and the SAM for some shade.  The wedding and reception was then held at Urban Light Studios.  This place was so great, different rooms around the building where people could wander around.  So Caitlin and Philip wanted not your traditional wedding ceremony.  Instead of having an aisle and seats, they just had a standing room with a few chairs where family and friends gave toasts.  It was such a great idea!  One of my most favorite things about weddings are hearing the toasts and funny stories from the people who know the couple best, so it was perfect for these two.  After that it was just food, mingling and dancing!  They also had a photo booth going on downstairs with a backdrop they had made that I LOVED.  It was such a great, fun night just hanging out.  Even though it was not your typical wedding, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate the marriage of C&P!!  Congratulations you two!!  So happy for you both, and thank you for your encouragement, support and generosity–it was such an honor to have witnessed the whole day with you two!  Ya’ll have some of the biggest hearts I have seen.  Enjoy the weekend in California!!! :)

Venue:  Urban Light Studios – Seattle, WA

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Whitney and Cameron had a sweet, intimate wedding celebration at the Palisade in Magnolia.  These two are some of the sweetest couples I have met.  Cameron is a very talented artist, and Whitney is in bookkeeping–they make such a wonderful team together.  I met up with everyone at their place where they were getting ready.  Everyone was so chill and fun to meet; the girls were getting ready downstairs and the guys were upstairs.  We did our first look in front of their house and then moved onto the restaurant!  The ceremony was held out on the courtyard and reception was at the Alani Room right next door.  Cameron walked out with Momo during the ceremony, and it was just wonderful!  I heard some wonderful stories throughout the day and was so honored to be part it all.  Congratulations Whit and Cam!!

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Lauren and Stephen got married at Jardin del Sol out in Snohomish–it was one of those super HOT days during July.  There were fans and water sprays all over the place to help cool everyone down.  The girls were getting ready upstairs in the little barn, and the guys were downstairs.  The garden was filled with so much greenery and so many places to explore, but we kept our eyes out for lots of shade since the majority of the day was in the bright sun (note the sunglasses in many of the photos).  The wedding party did a great job even in the heat, especially the guys in their jackets!  The ceremony was held on the lawn and reception was under the tent.  Another weekend of lots of BBQ.  But let me tell you here…this cornbread was BOMB.  So squishy and perfect.  I enjoyed all of the funny toasts and little details that went into the day.  I loved that everyone had SO much energy and made the day extra fun.  Thank you L & S for sharing your wedding day with me!  Congratulations!

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